I design interfaces and research the AI that will ultimately shape them. I'm fascinated by malleable software, tools for thought, and the new modes of interaction artificial intelligence can offer. I think systematically, pore over details, and cherish the people I build with.

For now, my work write-ups live on Read.cv. But if you stuck around just to play a bit here, I wouldn't blame you.

Product Design at Airtable

AI, sync, search.

2022 —     


Designing Airtable AI

Researcher at Stanford Vision Lab

Co-first author of CREPE, a highlight in CVPR 2023 (top 2.5%). Advised by Ranjay Krishna.

2021 — 2023

Designer Who Codes at Various Startups

Cut my teeth on design systems, human-centered AI, automated data viz, and plain old React.

2020 — 2022

Student at Stanford University

M.S. Computer Science, B.S. Mathematics, B.S. Design. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Side by Side...

2017 — 2022

With gratitude for

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New York, NY